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The company has been meeting the diverse janitorial contract cleaning and related services in Nassau, Bahamas for over 35 years. Our business philosophy is to provide an honest, knowledgeable, straight forward approach to all your cleaning needs. Our commitment to provide a quality service, on time, with competitive prices has earned us a reputation for providing first class quality services backed by excellent management dedicated to outstanding customer service. We are a full janitorial service company specializing in commercial and residential cleaning.

Deveaux's Cleaning Mission

To build successful, long-term relationships with our customers, employees, and by providing the highest value services with quality products. We believe that honesty, trust, and respect for each other and the commitment to this mission will allow us to prosper as a business and to grow as individuals.

Deveaux’s Cleaning Quality Inspections

  • Supervisor is in charge of daily cleaning operations of the customer's facility and inspects the quality of our work during and after the cleaning process every day of the week.

  • The Manager inspects the facility during or immediately after the cleaning process one or more times a week.

  • The Manager also inspects the facility during the day and talks with our contact at least once a week.

  • The Managers speaks randomly with tenants each month. This allows us to obtain ongoing customer feedback directly about our company cleaning.

Deveaux's Cleaning Experienced Employees

Employees are the second most important part of our company. Our ability to recruit and retain good employees is attributed to several factors:

  • Candidates are interviewed and carefully screened to ensure we hire only those with the highest integrity and work ethic;

  • Security of customers' facilities is of major importance to us. An in-depth criminal background check is made;

  • Each applicant's work history is reviewed in detail for at least the previous five years. Whenever possible, we contact previous supervisors to discover the character and work ethic of the applicant;

  • Each new employee is quickly oriented and with training material specifically for cleaning your premises;

  • An ongoing training program insures employees continually receive critical and vital instruction to keep current on any important issues relative to cleaning and janitorial service.

Deveaux’s Cleaning Philosophy and Commitment

Our philosophy, to consistently treat others as we want to be treated has enabled us to retain quality employees over the years. Although turnover has always been this industry's biggest problem, treating our employees better and paying them more decreases some of this turnover problem.

Retaining good employee’s saves both the time and costs involved in advertising, interviewing, hiring, orienting, and training new employees. The customer benefit is more security, better safety, less cost, and consistent quality and service.

We know that your building is not only a place where people work, but also a reflection of you and your company's image. Our performance for you and your company is a reflection of our company. Our success depends on how happy you are with our service.

Wendell Deveaux's Cleaning Company

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Wendell Deveaux's Cleaning Services

P.O. Box N 8916

#36 Robertha Ave. off Robinson Rd

Nassau, Bahamas

 Phone: 1-242-356-3418 or 1-242-557-3597

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